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Rainwater Harvesting Project

Rainwater harvesting is the accumulation and deposition of rainwater for reuse purpose. It can be used for garden, livestock, and irrigation. Rainwater harvesting systems can be installed with minimal skills and cost; most easy way to harvest and collect the water is Plastic Ponds. Collected water will be good for 3 months or so. CDRA Nepal has built a total of 20 plastic ponds in the villages with the success of this project. The communities are requesting CDRA Nepal for building such kind of plastic ponds are increasing gradually.Program: Technical and Financial support to make plastic ponds Beneficiaries : Subsistence farmers of dry location Location: Phulbari, Khanalthok, Nala, Timal villages of Kavre District Pond Size: 15 feet width x 20 feet length x 5 feet depth Project Cost : US $ 150.00 for each pond (subsidy of plastic sheet)

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